Stagg Model SG-A100-PBK Super Deluxe Folding Head Black Tripod Guitar Stand
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Super Deluxe Tripod guitar stand w/ folding legs. This great stand not only has folding legs but it has a folding, jointed headpiece and a rubber guitar neck holder to keep your guitar from falling over if it is accidentally bumped while on it's stand. Similar stands sell for around $30.00 but we are selling ours for much less.
  • Height range: 65 to 70 cm / 25.6 to 27.6 in
  • Folding neck fork w/ safety band
  • Weight: 0.95 Kg / 2.1 lbs
The perfect, sturdy solution for any guitarist wanting to display their instrument and make it easily accessible!
This tripod stand is the perfect solution for guitarists who want to safely store their guitar, but don't like putting it away in the case all the time. Stagg's tripod stand safely cradles the body and neck in rubberized forks that protect the finish and action of your instrument , plus it has a folding safety band to keep your guitar from being knocked over if it is accidentally bumped. Leaning your guitar against the wall can lead to a warped neck, which quickly affects the playability. Don't damage your investment - get your guitar the treatment it deserves with a Stagg tripod stand!
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