Professional Swivel Guitar Hanger for Slatwall - Stagg model DIS-GUH8
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This great item is a superb guitar hanger for mounting on slat-wall or slat grid. The guitar yoke swivels 200 degrees is padded with surgical tubing and has a neck lock that flips across the guitar neck to keep the guitar from sliding off the yoke. In the forward facing position it mounts guitars 8 inches off the wall and the total length of the hanger is 10-3/4".
NOTE: Stagg combined DIS-GUH8 and DIS-GUH7 together. They are both the same exact hanger, however you may receive some of both with in your order.
These are some of the nicest hangers I have seen at any price and I have converted my store over to these hangers. The neck lock feature alnoe has probably saved me $500.00 in potential broken guitars that tend to slip off standard hangers . They are great !
Thanks for looking !
NOTE: These will fit on standard pegboard but it is not reccomended to hang guitars on standard pegboard becuase the weight of guitar can break the pegboard possibly causing your guitar to fall. If used on a pegboard wall, studs holding the pegboard must be no more than 16 inches apart and no more than one guitar should be hung on each individual row of pegs. In other words, you need to stagger the heights of the guitars if hanging them on pegboard. Slatwall is the best way to go with ANY hangers.
Guitars in pictures NOT included. Shown in ad for display only to show function of hanger.
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