Perri's Leathers NWSLDX-1799 "Leather" guitar strap new NAMM show sample #403
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Another fine item brought to you by BUTLER MUSIC !

Here is a great deal that I just brought back from the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandisers) show in California. Perri's Leathers had a booth their displaying all of their guitar straps (over 1,000 different) straps and at the end of the show I BOUGHT THE WHOLE BOOTH! Because I bought the whole lot at way below wholesale I can sell them for about wholesale and ship them free anywhere in the US. Of course each strap is one of a kind because I only got one of each and just because a certain model is listed at a great price on this listing does not mean the rest of the straps of this model that I may have in stock would be the same price. This is a one of a kind deal at a one of a kind price. 



Based in Canada, Perri's Leathers is one of the leading manufacturers of guitars, sax and bass straps. Personal attention, comfort and artistic design are what Perri’s Leathers brings into each of their products.

These straps are soft and comfortable, yet durable. Fully adjustable to a maximum 59.5" length. 

• Max Length: 59.5" • Width: 2" • Style: Adjustable Length


See it on the Perri's website here:

The guitar strap: not just a fashion accessory and not just a rock and roll accruement.

The guitar strap connects you to the heart of your expression. Perri’s Leathers knows the essence of a great guitar strap. We have designed and finely crafted our guitar straps for over eight years. Our family business combines the expertise and experience needed to produce unique, beautiful and functional guitar straps. Lou Perri, original owner, artist, musician and patriarch, Anthony Perri, innovator and son – together they put the soul into each guitar strap they create. 

Lou Perri, a music teacher and musician, was a member of The Amigos during the eighties. This group developed a large following within the Italian wedding industry, creating an energetic, romantic experience for hundreds of couples and their families. Lou acquired the business in 1988 and passed it onto his son, Anthony Perri. From this fundamental guitar strap business, Anthony founded the cutting edge, Perri’s Leathers in 1998. He started with a few customers and fifty guitar strap designs. In nine years, Anthony Perri has developed the business to satisfy tens of thousands musicians, across the globe, with over 700 original designs. He is the initial designer of the wicked Full Air Brushed strap. 

The personal attention, comfort and artistic design are what Perri’s Leathers brings into each of their products. Our family owned business is proud to develop a relationship with every one of our customers. Our goal is to understand and meet your needs. We do not mass produce or compromise on comfort or style. Our top priorities are to supply an excellent variety and swiftly produce quality guitar straps. Each guitar strap is designed and created here in Canada at our headquarters. Perri’s Leathers takes your musical needs to heart and provides a guitar strap that fits like an old friend. Thousands of musicians have experienced the Perri’s Leathers difference, which means superior craftsmanship and terrific prices.


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