Hohner #COM "Case of Metal" Hot Metal Harmonica 5 Pack keys of G,A,C,D & E
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The Hohner Case of Metal is a 5-pack of harmonicas that features Hohner's bo572/20 Hot Metal harps in the keys of G, A, C, D, and E. Each harmonica is a 10-hole, 20-note diatonic harp that features the words "Hot Metal" prominently on the top. To carry your shiny harps around, this Hohner harmonica 5-pack comes in a zippered case with a plush black interior that can hold a total of 7 harmonicas.
Hohner CASE OF METAL Harmonica 5-Pack Features:
5 Hohner 572/20 Hot Metal Harmonicas in
G, A, C, D, and E keys
Diatonic: 10-hole, 20-note
Zippered case
Holds 7 harps
Plush black interior
NOTE: This item has a very specific return policy. It may ONLY be returned if it is either broken when received or if it has not been opened. Once a harmonica has been used AT ALL it may not be returned for sanitary reasons. Sorry, but this is the law! We may not resell a used harmonica so we cannot take one back once it has been played. Please take note of these terms BEFORE bidding.
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