Dean Markley #3010 PROMAG PLUS Soundhole Acoustic Guitar Pickup - MADE IN USA
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Dean Markley's ProMag Plus pickup is an affordable solution for amplifying your acoustic guitar. The ProMag Plus has become an industry standard. ProMag's balance and maple wood housing give it that smooth, high-end response that you want from an acoustic pickup. Being a single coil pickup, the ProMag Plus has bell-like harmonics that sing like few other acoustic pickups. ProMag has gained recognition as one of the finest sounding acoustic pickups made. ProMag is voiced and balanced at the factory for optimal string balance-treble strings and bass strings will ring out with the same volume. A 15 foot low noise, double-shielded cable terminated with a solderless 1/4" nickel jack gives you freedom of movement with no worry of noise or hum. Plug into Dean Markley's ProMag Plus and see just how good your acoustic guitar can sound.
Dean Markley's ProMag Plus Features:
  • Single-coil Pickup
  • Natural, Balanced Sound
  • Fits Virtually Any Acoustic Guitar
  • Solderless 1/4" Nickel Jack
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