Dean Markley #3001 Artist XM Transducer Acoustic Guitar Pickup - MADE IN USA
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It's easy to amplify your acoustic guitar with the Dean Markley Artist XM piezo pickup! The Artist XM has been a favorite of gigging musicians for over 17 years, thanks to its natural sound and great reliability. This patented pickup design utilizes a lead differential weight system to react to compression rather than bending, like other piezo pickups. The result? A dynamic and natural-sounding amplification of your instrument. The Artist XM mounts on your guitar's top using a special adhesive that allows you to attach and remove the pickup repeatedly, without affecting your guitar's finish. The 24" cable terminates with a female 1/4" jack and leather clip that connects to your guitar's strap button, keeping it secure and ready for you to plug in. It's also great for other acoustic instruments like cello, viola, and double bass. If you want a great sounding and easy to use acoustic pickup, you'll love the Dean Markley Artist XM!
Dean Markley Artist XM Acoustic Guitar Pickup Features:
  • Easy to use design with a natural sound
  • Patented pickup design provides great dynamics and detail
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Long-lasting adhesive won't damage your guitar's finish
  • Output jack attaches easily to your guitar's strap button
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