3 Sets of Dean Markley #2095 "28-74" Bajo Quinto Acoustic Guitar Strings
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In order to create a Bajo Sexto string that would carry the Bajo along, Dean Markley incorporated their finest 80/20 "true brass" outer wrap alloy with their finest Swedish Steel, Hex-tinned, Mandolin wire. They also incorporate proprietary "pitch wind" while winding the outer wrap onto the special core wires. This means the cores are brought to their concert pitch in the winding process. Then the outer wrap is meticulously applied. This ensures the guitar strings will ring - loud and true - in your performance.
The Bajo Sexto carries an important role in the musical relm it thrives in. It's needed to "push" and "move" the song along. Without power and punch, the songs just don't drive.
This is for the 10 string "quinto" set
Los Tigres Del Norte
.028/.028 .034/.034 .046/.046 050/.030 .074/.034 .050/.030
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