108 Disney "Goofy" Guitar Picks by Hot Picks - Officially Licensed - Dealer Lot
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 I have seen individual picks of this model selling for as high as $6.99 right here on ebay so at my price you should be able to undercut any price and still make a huge profit. This auction consists of a great group of 108 quality picks for acoustic, electric, or bass guitar.  These are very fine quality picks and I am selling them at a CRAZY low price.


Why am I selling these so cheap?  ----- I bought the entire inventory of licensed picks from a bankruptcy auction of a giftware distributor at a ridulously low price per pick. Unfortunately, to get the deal I had to buy the entire inventory of 400,000 picks ! Since it would take me 20 years to sell these if I were selling them one at a time and since this lot of picks filled 2 entire skids over 6 feet high I am going to let other sellers buy them cheap as well and make themselves a nice profit. 

If you go to the Hot Picks site you will see that these picks wholesale in a refill pack of 36 for $15.00 and they retail for $35.94. That means 108 pieces usually wholesales to dealers for $45.00 and sells retail for $215.64 . I am selling them for 2/3 off of the WHOLESALE price and 92% off the retail price!  

Not a music or giftware dealer? These lots would make great handouts at kids parties , or great craft items if you make your own jewelry or decorative collectibles.


Here is something real important to also consider when looking at these picks . I will not be competing with you. For at least the next three months or until about the end of October I will only be selling these in lots of 108 or larger. after that I still won't be selling lots smaller than 36 , which is a standrad refill pack and the size of the packages I got them in. 


 Get these great picks , and over 60 other models of licensed Disney and other picks from famous recent movies at a great way below wholesale price. If you buy multiple lots we will combine them to save you money on shipping and I put the ebay BEST OFFER feature in this auction and if you buy more than 1 pack I will sell them to you for even less. NOTE -- I will not accept best offers lower than my listing price if you are only buying one pack. 


If you have any questions about combining orders, quantity discounts , or anything else relating to this amazing deal just email us or call our store from Monday through Friday from 9:00-5:30 central time at 660-679-3500. 

Thanks for looking and keep looking for more great deals from BUTLER MUSIC. 

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